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History of Tracers

The history of Tracers began in 2002, when Oleg Krasnyansky founded the team, which was named after French word “traceur”, which means “a man paving a new path”. Together, the team practiced parkour, rock climbing and rope jumping. Since then Tracers have been making films, holding festivals, traveling a lot.

On photos from left to right: Oleg on training in New York (1); as a stunt double for wall runs and climbing scenes of the main character on the set in Japan (2); during a solo ascent to Elbrus in winter (3).

Having more than 10 years of experience in everything related to staying at altitude, in 2016 Oleg, together with his wife Olga, who was fond of sewing, opened a sewing production of harnesses and safety systems for stunts, flights, safe work at height in the cinema , theater and circus. A workshop for the production of metal fittings and devices appeared next.

Now Tracers is a team of professionals who help make complex actions and stunts on the screen and stage safe.

On photo: production, office and test laboratory Tracers

Our awards and achievements:

  • Today, Tracers stunt and safety equipment is presented on film sets and film studios around the world, in theaters in Europe and Asia, in German and French opera;
  • Winner with the video “Life in One Day” (among more than 80.000 participants from 192 countries) in the competition of the same name directed by Ridley Scott at the Sundance Film Festival (USA);
  • Special Prize of the President of the ROC for the film “The True Story” at the Forum of the International Olympic Committee (2010); Winning in the nomination “Best Film” for the short film “The Real Story” at the XIII International Festival of Mountaineering and Adventure Films “Vertical”; Nomination “Best Short Film” for the film “The True Story” at the “Xth National Award Laurel Branch”;
  • Victory in the nomination “Best Extreme Photo” in the ADME large-scale photo contest with the photo “Tracer in New York”;
  • Full organization of the ascent (including the installation of the route on an absolutely smooth glass facade) on the highest residential building in Europe by the French climber Alain Robert, known as the “Spiderman”;
  • Special Tracers stage dedicated to parkour on the major international music festival Summer Sonic (Tokyo);
  • Carrying out 5 International Parkour Festivals from Tracers, the first of which was visited by more than 1 thousand people per day. During the festival, the founder of parkour, athletes from many countries, popular musical artists visited the festival.
  • Winner in “Best Video” and “Best Trick” nominations for the “Wide” video at the “Sport” TV channel contest - Vivax Moscow City Battle;
  • Winner with the documentary “3 Borders” in nomination “Best Sports / Extreme Film” at the International Sports Film Festival “Sport - The Right Solution” - Ertsog International Ski Salon.