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Superman Trolley Harness - Nylon

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Superman harness for zipline adventures.
Amazing feeling from riding zipline in superman position. All pickpoints are located on top, out of sight - nothing prevents you from enjoying the view while riding.

Removable adjustable webbing allow you to change the angle and organize a angle according to your needs. Lightweight carbon fiber feet bar.
An additional option is the installation of quick-release buckles AustriAlpin.

Attention!  We can make changes to the product in accordance with your requirements.
The product is intended ONLY for professionals in stunts and flying effects.

Shipping worldwide.
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Stunt coordinators and action directors from movies production, theatrical perfomances, aerial shows from all around the world use Tracers products. Among our clients there are Hollywood studios, Operas in Europe, Cirque du Soleil.

Geography of Tracers clients: Russia, Germany, Great Britain, USA, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Ireland, India, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Iran, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Estonia, Australia, Japan, Belgium, Netherlands, Nigeria, Slovenia, Finland, Norway ..