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12-strand rope - Technora

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Technora® ropes are ideal where high strength is required along with high temperature resistance. With Technora, you get a low weight and effective replacement for steel wire rope, especially where temperature resistance matters. The rope has a 12-strand weave.


  • very resistant to high temperatures (500 degrees Celsius)
  • high strength
  • good abrasion resistance for aramid fibers
  • torsion resistant
  • reduces the risk associated with heating from lighting fixtures and electrical cables (heating, fire)
  • more reliable rope than many alternatives, also in comparison with steel ropes
  • easy to hide the cable, hide on the set or during the show


  • movies / theater / show rigging
  • ship / yachting
  • cable winches
  • deep diving ropes
  • ropes for installing high voltage wires
  • elevator cables
  • paragliding lines

Tensile elongation:

Strength 10% 20% 30%
Elongation 0.60% 0.71% 0.99%

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