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UV disinfection

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Ultra-violet bactericidal ozone-free Osram® lamp.
Dimensions: 500 x 100 x 70mm.

Areas of use:
Effective disinfection of air, water and surfaces from bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19.

Product advantages:

  • Effective and environmentally friendly disinfection without the use of chemicals;
  • Low mercury;
  • Long service life thanks to special treatment;
  • No ozone;
  • Exposure to 1 minute of a UV lamp equals 5-10 minutes of staying equipment from nylon in the open sun (confirmed by researches of the Italian Climbing Club Commission - link to the article below);
  • In contrast to other disinfection methods, visual inspection of the consequences of repeated UV exposure is possible (see the research of the Italian Mountaineering Club Commission - link to the article is given below);
  • The whole process takes minutes.

This method of disinfecting against viruses and bacteria is safer for use with equipment made of nylon, polyester and Dyneema. The UV method, unlike antiseptics, does not imply the use of chemicals that can cause serious harm to the fibers. While Nylon and polyester do not like chemicals, Dyneema does not like high temperatures (the threads in all stunt strands are made of Dyneema).
This method of disinfection is reliable and fast, leaves your hands free.

To disinfect equipment, turn on the lamp for 1 min at a distance of 1 meter from the object (on each side of the object). To disinfect a large number of equipment items, place them around the lamp, at a distance of 5 meters from the lamp, turn on the lamp for 5 minutes (turn the equipment over with the other side and repeat the procedure). At the time of disinfection, there should be no people in the room, use safety glasses.

Detailed information: About equipment disinfection methods.

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